Trustees & Founders

The Brighter Start Trustees are, Simon Murdoch, Dani Murdoch, Francesca Smith and Andrew Ashe.

Dani says:

We have regularly visited South Africa for holidays and in particular to Ant and Tessa Lodgeson.  On one of these trips we were taken to  Lesideng, a local township where we met Terri Rodgers who was at the time feeding up to 300 children a day with sandwiches and soup from her own domestic kitchen.  She and her husband Hamish, have spent their retirement helping many of the 50,000 people of the Township, especially the children and the elderly.  Terri had visions for a creche to help families to have safe, good care for their young children allowing the responsible adults of the family (often older siblings and grandparents) to find work.  We felt compelled to help them to achieve their goals.

In subsequent trips we visited The Waterberg Academy, a lovely school helping children of all backgrounds to achieve academic success and hopefully a better future.  We were introduced to two fantastic children who were denied a place at the local free school due to them not knowing the local language, as they were immigrants from Malawi.  Their father’s desire to see his children educated and their hunger to learn gave us greater motivation to help some of the people of this little known area of South Africa.

We were aware that other visitors to the area were also keen to help, so we set up Brighter Start to facilitate donations to these projects via an efficient method and most importantly we wanted to have the control to send donations to places where we had first hand knowledge of the projects and that we would be re-visiting to check on their progress.  And so Brighter Start was set up.