African Community Outreach

Brighter Start aims …

To provide funding to South African registered non-profit organisation, African Community Outreach.

African Community Outreach

This non-profit making organisation set up by Hamish and Terri Rodgers, a husband and wife team from the farming community surrounding Vaalwater.  It is based in the township of Lesideng in the Limpopo region of South Africa.  It supports hundreds of families, visiting them in their homes, providing food, medical care and helping to get the children into schools.
As part of its overall aim to improve conditions for many people in Lesideng, the organisation does the following, to name a few:

  • It has built a crèche and has plans to build further crèches in the township to provide pre-school care, provide meals and promote learning through play.
  • By providing funding for school uniforms to children in Lesideng to enable them to take up their free school place (school uniforms are compulsory and many families cannot afford them).
  • Provision of basic school materials such as pens, pencils, notepads and books to children in Lesideng who cannot afford these items.
  • In order to feed many hungry families in Lesideng, a large vegetable garden has been planted, this produces vegetables on a large scale and helps feed needy families.

How you can help

ACO rely heavily on donations from the general public.  It costs R10.50 per day to feed a child.  Donations can be made to African Community Outreach through Brighter Start and your full donation will be sent to the project.